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Loren's Rune box with Runes:

Rune Box w/Runes

The box is carved out of a solid piece of wood and has no joints... although I added the slider strips on the top after the lid attachment was broken later.

The figure in the center is Herne the Hunter (or Cernunnos) and is based on the image from the Gundestrup Cauldron. He is surrounded by Ouroboros, the World Serpent or the Midgard Worm. The warding on the Serpent is for me to know...

The runes contained number 24, of the Elder FUTHARK. They have been carved "cross grain" as traditional.

Rune box showing inside of lid This shows the inside of the lid, which is a labyrinth symbolizing the walk of life.

This is meant for my use and is my personal interpretation of the materials and symbology.

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