Loren's Functional Art:

The Blacksmith Shop

Brand New Shop

My brand new shop. Untried but suffering from a serious nostalgia binge in the construction. Looks like its right off the farm. A friend walked in and nodded this knowing grin and said, "Ahhh, I get it... this is a GUYS gazebo!"

Fire up that forge! This is JUST the weather to fire up that forge!

Junk is start'en to pile Up! Junk is start'en to pile up. A sure sign of a well used shop !

Cooking with gas! I'm building a gas forge, to save my neighbors the grief of the coal smoke. But to test the home built burners, I made a fire brick box, just temporary... I've been working at the forge now for a bit. Maybe I'll get back to completing the gas forge body this winter?

The post vise. That post vise was sure a good garage sale find. Handy as hell.

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