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Loren's Aztec Serpent:

Aztec Serpent

This is from the Denver Museum of Natural History's Aztec exhibit, which I had volunteered to help create a diorama of the Pyramid of Templo Mayor, which was located where Mexico City stands today.

As others built the pyramid of wood to be approximately 10' high, we sculpted people and rock carvings to adorn the display. I made one of two of the serpents that were at the base of the pyramid and I made countless other details that melded into the work.

As we cast from the clay prototypes, we only kept the third casting to go on the display, as the previous resin castings were pitted with clay scraps. This was the second, not yet perfect, casting, which I took home as a souvenir.

The Aztec Serpent

This is a photo of the original insitue.

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